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oh, I so hope this doesn't happen. It does look like the show might go this way. But I still have hope that it won't. Clark and Chloe have to some to some kind of arranment where she can still protect his secret and still pursue her DP dream. That would be so aweful after all she's done and sacrificed for Clark that he would give Lois the ... Table top runway means
Anonymous: "I couldn't agree more with you okay like i don't care how justin is to me he's the same and all this stuff but i just don't have feelings for him i don't get excited when i see him i don't care so much about him being here and there and i felt like not being a belieber is the right thing becuz i don't talk about him anymore like ill support him its just bleh i don't really care so ...

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He's mute? That explains it … he doesn't seem too happy about not being able to talk … he does seem like he'd be more of the expressive type with words … but she decided not to push any further. She didn't want to be rude. "Well, please order whatever you want to, I'll pay for you." She smiled kindly. Natsu raised an eyebrow. [I have my ...

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-You can’t tell me you don’t notice the way he looks at her while the others talk to her-In the end Luke says he prefers mountain. This is a personal victory for me, because I wrote a story about Luke and Penelope went to the mountains (see my fanfiction list for more information) But especially:-I’m so happy to have enrolled here.

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Jun 20, 2016 - Okay so can we talk about this ? Hubby natsu protecting his waifu Luce , nalu5ever ♥♥♥ (this foto doesn't belongs to me it's from the manga )

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hopesbarnes:. im curious. put in the tags if you have siblings, how many and if you’re an only child, oldest, middle, or youngest. i feel like this tells a ton about you

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~Lisanna's POV~ Everyone started going out side because Gray said we had to see something and I had a feeling I wasn't going to like that said thing. I figured it wouldn't look good if I'm the only one left in the guild so I followed everyone. I stayed close to my big sister Mira and big brother Elfmen so that if it was what I thought it was I would have less chance of freaking ou...

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Wonderland is a Fairy Tail fanfic by stellahr. In this story Natsu and Lucy are teleported to an Alternate Universe called Wonderland. They quickly find out that, much like in Edolas, they have counterparts in this world. They quickly get caught …

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May 24, 2020 · The creator of Fairy Tail is no stranger to fan service, but Hiro Mashima may have taken things too far the other day. Taking to social media, the artist decided to teach fans the best way to draw ...

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Jan 15, 2017 · Fanfiction. News Welcome to our new forum! Forum. ... You can talk about anything here. ... If it doesn't fit the other categories and it has to do with Rob, please ...

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Whoa whoa, calm down there friend. xD Megamind fandom is chill - we like talking about this stuff and seeing other sides. No one's fighting! The main thing I was trying to get at is - the reason he's...

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